voip Hosted Phone Systems: Pros And Cons

by Holly Holloway on

The VoIP Hosted Phone Systems came as an innovative way to modernize the communication processes of companies. These telephony mechanisms combine the best of the Internet with the basic functions of sending and receiving calls, so they represent an opportunity to streamline activities, adapt to new trends, and improve productivity.

VoIP Hosted Phone System is a term that has become well known in recent years. However, although many people manage to identify it, not everyone knows what it is really about. For that reason, to help you understand it better, we explain its advantages and disadvantages of VoIP

Cons of a VoIP Hosted Phone System

  • It helps you save money.

Thanks to their low costs in handling and configuring calls, VoIP Hosted Phone Systems help increase your savings. Also, installing a system like this is less expensive than maintaining multiple fixed phone lines. Moreover, in some cases, you can use pre-existing equipment to greatly reduce your expenses.

Another factor in favor of these systems is that they are usually marketed with unlimited calling plans, free international services, and mobile calls at no additional charge.

  • These systems are more reliable and require less investment in maintenance.

Another of the most relevant characteristics of VoIP Hosted Phone Systems is that their maintenance is in the hands of the provider. Besides, as it is a telephone service hosted in the cloud, the elements that make up this system are not on the company's premises but in the offices of its provider. All you will have at your fingertips are the phones and their connections, and you don't need to be an expert to operate them.

  • It allows you to keep operations running remotely.

In cases where your office is inaccessible, you can operate your communication processes from wherever you are if you have a VoIP Hosted Phone system.

To do this, you just have to redirect calls to other devices. Besides, there is also the alternative of using accessories such as softphones to manage calls from a computer or a mobile.

Cons of using VoIP Hosted Phone Systems.

  • The hardware must be compatible with the network: Not all telephone equipment is designed for VoIP systems. Therefore, you may need to purchase new ones if you intend to use the service.
  • The quality of the call will depend on the quality of the Internet service: One of the biggest disadvantages of VoIP systems is that, as they are based on the cloud, they can lower the quality of the calls if the Internet connection is unstable.
  • Power outages can harm the service: Overvoltage problems and power outages can lead to interruption of telephone service since VoIP hardware does not have alternative power sources.

Now that you know in detail what are the pros and cons of installing a VoIP Hosted Phone System, what are you waiting for to take your company's communication to the highest level? Take advantage of all the benefits of this technology and make your business grow without limits.

Written by: Holly Holloway