The Reasons To Consider A Waterproof Phone As Your Next Smartphone Purchase

by Holly Holloway on

We all have that friend. The one who yet again is phone-less because the phone got dropped in the loo, or a pint, or fell in to a puddle, or put in the washing machine. We may be that person. We may have laughed and jibed, but inwardly would have been thinking Thank Goodness it wasnt me. And, in reality, given that our phones are with us more than our nearest and dearest, its hardly surprising that at times they get exposed to conditions they dont like. Enter the solution: the waterproof phone the tough phone to withstand the rigours of everyday life.

Smartphones, as electronics, are inherently at risk of damage from water. They are sensitive pieces of equipment but are constantly under threat of damage just from regular use. Once the phone has been exposed to water-damage, things are only going in one direction. Firstly, youll probably resort to Google and eagerly read up on all the home-based techniques to try and repair the damage, which may result in a short-term extension of the death-sentence. This will then likely be followed with a trip to a mobile phone store to pay to have the damage fixed. Youll then learn that this expense needs to come from your own pocket insurance rarely covers Sorry I dropped my phone in the loo. This is where it gets costly: Water breaks phones. In most cases, youre going to be forking out for an entirely new handset.

The corrosion caused by water will break the phone. Maybe not immediately, but at some point, most likely when it is least convenient, you will find yourself phoneless all because of a simple error or slip. It is costing you time and money.

But this situation can be easily avoided with a new generation of phones that are, to varying degrees, water-resistant and water-proof. The minimal additional outlay is far outweighed by the peace of mind of knowing that you wont be shelling out for a new handset due to water, or left without a phone: your vital technological communication tool essential for work and play. This turns in to real financial savings the first time your new phone comes in to contact with moisture and you can know that youre safe from the costly outlay of a new handset – due to a sensible decision at the purchase stage.

If you have a water-resistant or Waterproof Phone that is specifically designed to withstand exposure to moisture and water, you simply wont encounter unresponsive touchscreens or faulty buttons, just because of a moments lapse in concentration. You wont be left playing Russian Roulette wondering if today will be the day the water-damage wins the day and youre left out of touch and out of pocket.

Waterproof phones arent just the reserve of the outdoors types, or those working in harsh environments: they are a real practical solution for everyone who wants to protect themselves and their expensive equipment against simple accidents that occur simply because we are human. They rarely look much different to other phones, they still fit in on the style front, but they are a practical everyday solution to real life everyday occurrences. A waterproof phone makes sense for everyone. Dont be caught out when theres such a simple solution.

Written by: Holly Holloway