How I Use The Fourflexx Ipad Holder In My Hairdressing Business

by Holly Holloway on

Hairdressing is an art that often involves the use of your hands, be it weaving, plaiting or blow-drying. I use my iPad a lot in gaining knowledge, communicating and making hairdressing an enjoyable activity at my work place. Since I am always busy using my hands, holding my iPad becomes an inconvenience that actually forced me to look for a solution. In the past, I had to be too cautious to ensure it does not fall down and break due to slippery or oily palms. However, the struggle ended when I came across the FourFlexx iPad floor stand and holder. It has made things easier for me.

I get new hair care ideas from the internet through my tablet

I use the holder to watch videos about hair care. It enables my employees and I to follow the procedures in the videos and at the same time apply them in hairdressing. My clients have so far loved most of the things that we have done with their hair. No one has to hold the iPad for others to see; I simply mount it on the stand and let each hairdresser watch the video.

The holder also helps in ensuring effective viewing of the content on the iPad. The FourFlexx stand has ball-points that allow anyone to rotate it at any angle. Therefore, in case any hairdresser claims that he or she has not seen an image or followed a procedure well, the stand is easily rotated for him or her to see what is being demonstrated or explained.

Best hands-free iPad and smartphone holder for me

I also use the stand as a safe place for my workplace phone. I just turn one of the four legs of the iPad holder into a holder for my business phone. It is that flexible! This makes it easy for one to hastily respond to phone calls when doing other duties, especially from clients who need to be attended to, unlike when I have a phone that is far away from me. This tablet holder is the best hands-free kit in the market.

It is not for the iPad only รข it can hold other tablets too

The FourFlexx holder can be used with a variety of tablet brands. It is compatible with all 7 to 13 inch tablets like the Google Nexus 7, Sony eReader, Nook and many other brands. In my family, we have different kinds of tablets, but we do not have to buy many tablets. I may be using my iPad today, yet tomorrow I will carry Samsung Galaxy to work.

My hairdressers vary in height. The FourFlexx stand accommodates all of them. It is fully adjustable to any height and position ranging from 6 to 31 inches. This is due to its flexible gooseneck legs. Therefore, I easily choose a height comfortable for all.
The FourFlexx iPad floor stand is very useful and effective in hairdressing. It makes learning easier. It is flexible. It is ensures my iPad is safe.

Written by: Holly Holloway