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How To Make Your Website Design Search Engine Friendly?

by Holly Holloway on

When it comes to the user, the web pages today concentrate on user experience. So, a website design always keeps its users priority first. Using sub-headings, keywords that generally user searches for, images, illustrations and flash videos are a few things that should Using sub-headings, keywords that generally user searches for, images, illustrations and flash videos are a few things that should be available in the page's content. But a search engine cannot see these images or videos when it analyses the page, so what purpose do they serve?

These images and videos should come with proper description about the content they are showing and this should be to the point. Even though the search engine cannot look at the relevancy of your image or video file to the searched keyword's context, it definitely can abstract your page's viability from the provided description

Using relevant links

If you look at the algorithms used by the Search Engines, you would come across 'crawlers'. These crawlers are used to browse through websites to search for relevancy of your page with respect to the searched keyword. If there is a link to your page on some other website, the crawlers visits that link and the more authentic that link is the more authoritative your page is. So having links to your pages by websites also builds your page value.

Using keywords in explicit places

Having a website design with appropriate keywords used at the correct places helps increase the page's viability. It has already been talked about using description of images and videos which happens via 'alt' attribute. Using keywords in your URL and giving relevant titles in your 'title' tag improves your search chances. Using whole words in your URL creates better chances rather than short forms.

Use optimal graphics

Now this is a relative point and it may depend upon need of different websites but users do not want pages that take too long to load and display. This is the common mistake by newbies, who make really attractive pages with a lot of graphics to display content. However, the page speed could be enhanced by disabling HD images or few flash animations but it is you who has to decide what works for your website.

Use SEO tools to check your web page

Once the website design is over it is advisable to go for a SEO checkup of your page before releasing it online. There are various online tools available to do so including Google Webmaster tool or SEO Report card. They provide a very good insight on how your page performs and therefore is an advisable thing to do.

By using the above mentioned tips you can definitely give a small push to your website and improve its ranking. And, if you are just starting a little knowledge about how crawlers pave out the path for web searches and the algorithms used by the search engines can definitely give you a little more insight on how to have a better website design.

Software that Helps you conduct Business

by Holly Holloway on

In order for you to conduct business today in a professional money then you will need to use appropriate software. Software will also save you time and money. There are different types of software and each carry out a specific function. When it comes to accounting you can use QuickBooks or


One of the most recognized names in small business accounting, QuickBooks offers both desktop and online versions (depending on the needs of your company and the experience of your team members), you may prefer one over the other. Regardless of the option you choose, Quickbooks is reasonably affordable, though taking full advantage of the program does require a bit of training.


If QuickBooks proves to be a bit of an overkill for your startup's needs, check out FreshBooks. This cloud-based accounting software program is easier to use than QuickBooks and supports over 50 integrations--including payroll and email programs. FreshBooks features a 30 days free trial and subscription-based pricing from $19.95 per month up to $39.95 per month after this period. Sourced from:

Managing people is one of the hardest tasks to do. As a manager you do not want to be seen as bossy and always witch hunting for mistakes so why not try using human resource software that will make employees accountable?

One Dashboard: All Your HR Systems, Docs, and Data

Zenefits is the only small business HRIS that connects with your payroll, benefits, time, talent, and compliance in the cloud. Paystubs Employee handbook Contracts & IP agreements Job offer letters Tax withholding forms Printable insurance cards ...and more Sourced from:

We only have twenty four hours and we need to put them into good use. As a business you will need to follow a schedule so that you do the right thing at the right time and with the right person. There is software to help you with this too.

WhenIWork is a robust scheduling, time clock, and communication tool built to serve the needs of small businesses. With a worldwide base of over 3,000 small business customers managing half a million workers in 50 countries, it seems to be doing exactly that.

WhenIWork’s interface will be familiar to anybody who has browsed the web, using tabs-at-the top spread for its five main features:

Dashboard – instant, simplified access to all the key metrics you need to avoid unpleasant scheduling surprises

Scheduler – built with the best features of a spreadsheet and a shared calendar, to make scheduling as visual and intuitive as possible

Attendance – tracks performance and compliance while simultaneously creating an official record of both

Time Clock – compatible with any tablet or computer for accurate and easy hours tracking without buying clocking hardware

Communication – simple text/SMS messaging to and from team members that goes straight to their smart phones so you can be proactive about making sure a key member is on-site, on time. Sourced from: