What Are 5 Popular Trends In Web Design?

by Holly Holloway on

A creative field, web design demands a lot of innovation and ingenuity. Trends in web designing are constantly evolving and changing. With the use of innovation and newer technologies, the chance to create functional and unique websites have become more possible. Find out about 5 popular trends in web designing.

Custom illustrations

Illustrations can add one-of-a-kind visuals to any website. Playful and friendly illustrations are effective and simple ways to make your website more fun. A qualified illustrator can create unique designs easily, which can be fully customized to match the image of the brand. Using custom illustrations can make a website stand out, and custom header images and iconography can be used all through a site.

Bold typography

Using big, beautiful and bold typography can create an appropriate image and tone, and evoke the best emotions. When screen resolutions are sharper, text on-screen can be more convenient to read. This can make it easier for you to design handcrafted typography unique to any other type of design. It is highly advantageous to use dynamic text along with image layering and parallax scrolling.

Minimalist navigation

Users on the web look for navigation that is intuitive, simple and minimalist. They look for a streamlined and direct entry point that can offer detailed information sans any confusion regarding the content and the website in general. Users can see a visually appealing card rather than the standard homepage. There can be multiple cards in the website that can help visitors choose a topic or heading that he likes. Website visitors generally like to click on topics that are recommended, which can create a positive impression about your brand or business.

Authentic photography

Websites that are created with authentic photography can establish your brand and make it look very attractive. Many website owners are using more effort and thought into the website imagery rather than simply depending on stock photos that can easily be understood as unoriginal.

Mobile-first approach

Many websites are being created with responsive designs to make them easily accessible and displayable on mobile phones. Web designers take the small screen size of mobile phones into account while creating mobile-responsive web designs. Although the small screen means limitation in the amount of information or content that is displayed to users, web designers attempt to show the core message to the targeted audience. Web designers still make sites for larger screens, but use a mobile-first approach.

When it comes to buying a laptop computer, as is the case with other gadgets, it is important to do your research and find out where you can get the best deals. Before taking the plunge, you should know how to get the best laptop computer deals, which will help you save on money without compromising on the quality.

The following are some essential factors you should take into consideration in order to get the best laptop computer deals.

1. When you need the laptop
How urgently you need a laptop could have the largest effect on the amount you are going to spend. If it is November, and Black Friday is coming up, you can wait until then to get your laptop. There are numerous hot deals everywhere during this time. Before Black Friday, most sites give you a peek at what specials they will have for the day to ensure that you do the selecting beforehand.

At certain times during the year, brick and mortar stores have clearance sales, but this are usually unadvertised and might be hard to find if you do not visit these stores regularly. To know when these stores have clearance sales, sign up for their email lists. Capitalizing on these deals allows you to make significant savings.

2. Know where to buy
Instead of rushing to purchase your laptop from the first online store or brick and mortar store you see, ensure that you research well. Conducting your research will help you know where to buy your laptop.

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There are people who hesitate when it comes to making online purchases due to security issues regarding credit card information. The key to successful online shopping is locating well-renowned and trusted online retailers, and this you can do by looking up their Better Business Bureau accreditation.

3. Prioritize your search
You will be able to get the best laptop computer deals when you prioritize your search according to what will work for you. There are people who search depending on the features they are looking for. Others consider the brand of the computer. Considering the features will allow you to get a better deal as you will get the laptop that will work best for you.

The other factor to prioritize during your search should be the price. Determine the price range you are willing to work with and check to see if any of the laptops with the features you want fall into this range. By so doing, you will get the laptop you want for the price that works for you.

4. Compare prices and look for sale offers
If you want to get the best price on a specific laptop, you should use a comparison site to compare the price. This will help you locate the price that will save you a few tens if not hundreds.

Most online stores and physical stores have clearance sales of older models every year. This is the best chance you have at getting deals and making significant savings.

If you are shopping for a laptop, do not go about it in an uninformed manner. There is a lot of money to be saved if you research and plan early. With these tips on how to get the best laptop computer deals, you are on your way to getting your desired laptop at a desirable price.

3 WordPress Plugins That Will Aid Your Article Sharing

by Holly Holloway on

One of the ways of ensuring a continuous flow of traffic to your site or blog, is by your users sharing your articles. Of course, producing high-quality content is an integral part of this process. However, your content, no matter how high-quality it may be, if it is not shareable, it stands no chance of maximizing its true potential when it comes to traffic generation. Below are the top 5 plugins that will greatly increase your ability to share your articles.

1. Digg Digg: It features a nice-looking share bar to the left of your articles and it floats downward as you scroll. Of course, if you dont want the sliding bar, you can decide to place the share buttons at the beginning or end of your articles. Its also worthy of note, that Digg Digg also features newer social media platforms like Buffer and Pinterest. How does this help? Well, recent research has shown that well placed share buttons are 7 times more likely to be shared compared to traditional or neglected ones. This is what Digg Digg offers you.

2. Simple Reach: This is another amazing WordPress plugin you should definitely have. If youve read the New York Times before, you will notice that mid-way into the article, a small suggestion box pops-up, telling you to read another similar article on the same site, the plugin responsible for that is SimpleReach. Does that work? Well, you may be surprised but it does! According to Eric Kim, the founder of SimpleReach company, the plugin witnesses a 3-4% click rate every time it pops up and this is way higher than what traditional advertising banners ever achieve. The principal advantage of this is that it keeps readers on your site for a longer period of time and in the process, you begin to stock-up faithful readers, who will visit your site again and again

3. W3 Total Cache: This is a plugin that enhances the performance of your website by making it run faster. According to the producers, the plugin has the capability of speeding up your website by ten times. How is this important for sharing? Well, when it comes to internet stuff, speed can be everything. Your readers are more likely to visit your site, stay on it and share your articles if your site runs fast. But if your site is slow, then you may experience higher bounce rates and a lot less shares.